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Matt Riddle: Medical marijuana license 'not one of those California, Nick Diaz' deals

Matt Riddle explains his frustrations at being suspended for a failed drug test for marijuana, while other fighters get away with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and pill popping, saying his medical marijuana license is legit.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight contender Matt Riddle doesn't think it's "fair" his win at UFC 149 was overturned to a no-contest (NC) and was suspended for three months for failing a post-fight drug test for marijuana. That's because he told the Calgary Athletic Commission (CAC) beforehand and he holds a medical license to smoke herb legally in the United States.

Another reason "Deep Waters" is upset is, while his victory over Chris Clements was overturned, other fighters undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) are getting an "upper hand" over the competition without getting punished.

He vented his frustrations on today's (Oct. 22, 2012) episode of "The MMA Hour:"

"I don't think its' fair. I don't really understand the process anymore because I thought if you have a medical license and you're prescribed by a doctor, all the guys are taking HGH and testosterone and fighting and getting the upper hand on people and I've already had serious injuries in my career already and I am only 26 and I am in serious pain sometimes and I use that. I use medical marijuana for my pain and I use it for everything else, too. I don't take anything else while I see all of these other fighters popping Oxycontin and taking testosterone and just beating themselves up, so you know. They can do whatever they want to do I am going to do what I do and there is a reason why I am who I am. There is a reason why I don't get hurt or don't get tired. It's what it is."

Riddle says he was referred for a medical marijuana card at the age of 12 for other issues, but didn't start smoking until recently, of course. He revealed he moved from Pennsylvania to Nevada to be able to get licensed, going through an extensive process to receive it.

A rigorous process that is unlike the "California Nick Diaz" cannabis cards:

"I got the license just over a year ago. I recently moved to Nevada in part because in Pennsylvania, they don't have a medical program at all. That's why I actually moved out to Nevada; the MMA training here is good and they have the medical program. It's not one of those California, Nick Diaz cards where you can go into a store, pay 50 bucks and walk out. I had to get fingerprinted, I've done FBI background checks, I had to pay about $600 bucks in fees and stuff to get everything with the state."

It's no secret Diaz has also had his issues with marijuana and athletic commissions throughout his career, hence the reference. The Stockton, Calif., scrapper, in fact, is still serving a suspension for marijuana metabolites that were detected after his controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit earlier this year.

With the "NC," Riddle now has a UFC record of 6-3-1, eliminating his two-fight win streak.

Anyone out there on Riddle's side on this one? Should medical marijuana cards and TRT exemptions be treated equally by all athletic commissions?

Opinions, please.

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