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Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales 2 full fight video highlights from Showtime boxing in Brooklyn

Check out a recap of the Showtime Boxing event that took place in Brooklyn last night (Sat., Oct. 20, 2012) featuring Danny Garcia's victory over Erik Morales and Hassan N'Dam getting knocked down six times by Peter Quillin.

Erik Morales tried to avenge his defeat at the hands of Danny Garcia earlier this year. Keyword being "tried."

He failed. Miserably.

As you can see, Garcia lands a strong left hook that turns Morales around and sends him crashing to the mat and that was all she wrote. Is this the end of a legendary career?

Stay tuned.

Even more entertaining than that crushing knockout, however, was the Hassan N'Dam vs. Peter Quillin bout earlier in the evening. In it, Quillin managed to knock down N'Dam not once, not twice, not three, four or five times, but six -- count 'em -- times during their middleweight title bout.

What was so utterly fascinating about the contest was N'Dam was in it until the very end, despite all the knockdowns. Heart, toughness, grit, whatever you want to call it, he was all in.

It's just too bad he lost his title in the process. Still, it was fun as all hell.

Enjoy the video highlights above and when you're done watching those, click here for a complete results and blow-by-blow coverage of all the night's action and here for a full recap.

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