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Ian McCall admits he didn't take second Demetrious Johnson fight seriously, says John Dodson acts like an annoying 12-year-old girl

Ian McCall does an interview with MMA Heat where he admits he didn't take the second Demetrious Johnson fight seriously but he feels he's only two or three wins away from a title shot. He also has some biting comments for John Dodson.

In the interview with MMA Heat, Ian McCall talks about what happened when he fought Demetrious Johnson for the second time:

"I'm still kind of pissed off at the fact that I lost (to Demetrious Johnson), obviously, but I think I'm only two or three wins away from getting a title shot.

"Speed is a big thing. With me, the second time I came in too heavy, I mean I cut 18.8 pounds in the last like 20 hours. We weighed in at three or four o'clock and by 10:00 I was 150.5. So it was my own fault, I didn't diet right. I think I just didn't take it seriously enough, which for some reason I don't know why, I finally get to the UFC and I don't take it serious, I don't know. I would just go back to like I fought him the first time and not... I was thinking too much and I don't know, I didn't fight like I should have.

"I don't know, I lost my focus somewhere there. I don't know why."

He also talked about the state of the flyweight division and how no one likes it. Check out the comments on John Dodson:

"It kind of sucks because no one likes our weight class right now. ... I mean no one likes Demetrious. I guess he doesn't translate well publicly, I don't know why. No one likes John Dodson because he's kind of annoying. He's cooler in person he just acts like a 12-year-old annoying girl sometimes on TV. I don't know, it's weird. I don't know why he does that and why he thinks it's like the thing to do but he has his schtick and everyone sticks to it."

There you have it.

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