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Strikeforce apparently aiming for January mega-show featuring Cormier, Rockhold, Melendez, and Rousey

Is Strikeforce dead? Right now the promotion might better be described as a zombie, a shell of its former self and one whose days appear to be numbered. But that doesn't mean the powers that be aren't planning at least one more major blowout event.


When Strikeforce cancelled its scheduled event on Sept. 29, 2012, in Sacramento, California, thanks to an injury to Gilbert Melendez and an unwilling broadcast partner, it felt like foreshadowing.

After all, if Showtime didn't want anything to do with the product, that would seem to signal the end.

Later, it was revealed the planned Nov. 3 show, the very next event on the calendar, was also cancelled, again due to injuries to top stars (Frank Mir, Luke Rockhold) and an unwilling broadcast partner.

Two in a row was surely the death knell, right?

Apparently not. Actually, according to Scott Coker (via MMA Fighting) the promotion is planning a major mega-show for January of next year that could feature an entire main card of championship fights.

"We're looking at a show in January with Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold and Gilbert Melendez, and don't be surprised to see Ronda Rousey and Nate Marquardt as well."

The chances of that coming to fruition seem slim but even if they manage to get two of the five, that would have to be considered a success.

Melendez believes he'll be ready by then, hopefully recovered from his recent shoulder injury.

"My shoulder is getting better every day. Last week there was great deal of improvement. Hopefully I can start hard training in three weeks. I hope to be able to fight in January. I think I'll be on track, but it's not etched in stone."

Rockhold will be ready for sure, and the rest are healthy and simply awaiting their next assignments.

Anyone hoping they all get thrown onto the same show for one big blowoff? And if not, should Showtime and Zuffa end its relationship once and for all?

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