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Joe Rogan not mad at UFC rookie who submitted him and 'tweaked' his elbow

Joe Rogan "tweaked" his elbow while rolling with Korean import Hyun Gyu Lim, who makes his Octagon debut on Nov. 10 in Macao, but hey, no hard feelings!

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Casual mixed martial arts (MMA) fans may not have heard of Hyun Gyu Lim, who makes his Octagon debut against Marcelo Guimaraes at the upcoming UFC on FUEL TV 6 event from the CotaiArena at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel in the People's Republic of China, on Nov. 10, 2012.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan?

He's heard of him. That's because the part-time comedian and full time grappling badass had the opportunity to roll with the Korean "Ace," and left the gym with a "tweaked" elbow after tapping to a "sweet" triangle/armbar combination that put his opponent on ice.

Rogan recollects to Middle Easy:

I remember rolling with Mr. Lim because I tend to remember most people that catch me with something, but I certainly was never mad at him. My recollection was that they were there to train for Dongi Yang's fight, and I was just there taking class as usual.

I didn't just walk into the gym as in their version, but it could be that they hadn't noticed me or something. It was the last roll of the night, and they asked me to train with one of their fighters. I don't remember the roll too much other than he was very good, and it was pretty fast paced. I remember at one point I got his back for a while, but I couldn't finish him, and I remember being really tired by that point.

We separated and he caught me in a sweet triangle/arm bar combination. It was very quick and very nice. My elbow got tweaked but I was certainly never upset at him. That could have easily been a language barrier thing, though as I was in some pain.

I iced my elbow and we all sat around and talked some afterwards. My elbow was fine after a day or so. I'm not sure why they would say I was mad at him other than that it makes for a better story that way.

Why all the hub-bub?

Lim was under the impression that he infuriated Rogan after putting him in a precarious situation while practicing in the states to help middleweight team member Dongi Yang get ready to rumble back in 2010. It could be as simple as getting their signals crossed, or perhaps, like smokin' Joe suggests, it could be manufactured drama.

No matter.

The only opponent worth tapping at this point in Lim's career will be Guimaraes, so we'll see who's mad when the dust settles and the smoke clears in Macao. Early predictions on this one, Maniacs?

See more on their pending scrap here.

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