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UFC 154 video: Carlos Condit wants to beat the best Georges St. Pierre

Perhaps Georges St. Pierre won't be at his best when he makes his return to the Octagon on Nov. 17, 2012, in Montreal at UFC 154. It will have been 18 months since his last fight, after all, and his time off was spent rehabbing a major knee injury. Still, Carlos Condit, the man who will take "Rush" head on that night in Canada, wants to beat the very best "GSP" possible.

"It was very powerful. I sacrificed a lot, my family sacrificed a lot. Now I'm fighting Georges St. Pierre to unify the UFC welterweight titles. He's the best in the world, he's one of the best this sport has ever seen. It's a huge fight with a lot of buzz around it. Those are the kinds of fights I want to be in.

"Georges is a very technical, precise striker. Great jab, great fundamentals. The last 10 years I've really been passionate about this, especially in the last two-to-three years. I've really rediscovered my fire and my drive.

"I'm a different fighter every time I come out. I have a lot of weapons in my arsenal. My strength, my conditioning, my athleticism has come up a considerable amount and just mentally, I'm in a good place. We're at an equal disadvantage. We're both missing Greg (Jackson) who is a big component of our training and our preparation and our strategizing.

"Fighting in front of Georges' hometown might throw a lot of other guys off but mentally, I'm pretty strong. I'll be able to put all that stuff aside and just do what I came to do. I'm on the precipice of achieveing my life goal. I want to fight the best Georges and beat that guy."

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