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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 results and live blog for episode 6 tonight (Oct. 19) on FX

Complete results and a running live blog for episode six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 on FX, featuring the next elimination fight and all the usual madness in the TUF house.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) returns TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 19, 2012) for episode six of the once great reality television show's 16th season on its loving home on the FX channel at 10 p.m. ET.

Last week's episode saw Igor Araujo do the work everyone in the house wanted by silencing Nic Webb via knocking him out of the competition relatively early in the game.

Now it's time for the next elimination fight and more hijinks inside the TUF house.

As always.

A complete live blog with full results from the show:



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

The usual recap from last week.

Oh look, we're doing the "losing locker room anguish" vs. "winning team joy" opener.



At least this time they have a singular spot to focus their anger, which is the judges, who didn't score to get them to a third and final round. Either way, Webb is upset about the loss and is trying to explain it while Roy Nelson is berating his team.

They don't like it. This has been a theme for the season.

Speaking of which, Jon Manley is talking with Team Carwin member Matt Secor and they're talking about how Shane is a great coach because he's caring and he'll take the blame when things go wrong. Meanwhile, Nelson throws his guys under the bus.


Back to the house and we've got another prank. Secor is looking for chicken and they already know Julian Lane is to blame for it.

"Let the war begin, boys."

Lane says, "I did it, it's whatever, man."

This is what UFC thinks passes as good television.

Colton Smith of Team Nelson isn't happy. Now Secor is upset with the blond cat icing down his shoulder. I don't remember his name. They argue and bicker back-and-forth.

Ah, it's Michael Hill. He really wants to fight Secor now and he wants to put Secor to sleep so he can dream about Hill taking his chicken, even though he didn't.



Fight announcement time already. Good stuff.

Hill tells Secor he's going to knock him out and then cut a fart in his face.

That just happened.

Carwin gets up and goes through the motions.

Colton Smith vs. Eddy Ellis.

These two have been quiet during the season and have nothing to do with the current hot feuds in the house, so yeah, let's have them fight. Great television, folks.

Oh, that's right, TUF isn't about great television, as UFC President Dana White was quoted as saying recently.

Speaking of White, he's excited to see what these kids got.

You're the only one, guy.


Ellis gives us his background. He's been beaten in every way throughout his life -- get your head out of the gutter -- and he's won in every way so he's super prepared for this shot at the big time.

He also has a loving wife who will be helping him get through all this.

Time to train.

Eliot Marshall is in the house hoping to train some mat work. Carwin thinks it will help a lot because Eddy is no top dog on the floor.

Ellis wants us to know he likes to inflict damage on people but not in a sadistic way.

Uh ... grab a dictionary and look up sadistic, my man.

Trevor Wittman reminds Ellis that he shouldn't try to touch gloves with Smith because he was the asshole who ducked under a glove touch in the season opener to get in the house and went for a takedown on it.

Carwin quickly credits Wittman for keeping him in the game this long.

Ellis says his ability to get off the mat is so good that he breaks his opponent's will and once they get sloppy on him, he picks his shots when the openings inevitably show up.


Time to learn about Colton. He used to torture his mom or something like that. Then he found all the fighting disciplines and it's helped him find himself and get centered and channel his aggression and all that shit you're used to hearing.

Why is it that so many fighters back stories have to do with being little shithead kids with a violent streak and now they're adults who actually get to physically beat people up?


Nelson says he knows Smith's going to listen because he comes from a military background and that's a good thing. Because Roy is obsessed with everyone doing everything he says.

Right on cue, Colton is pissed and getting upset with the fact that he's being told to throw a bunch of front kicks and weird offense he's not used to. He chats with Julian Lane about it and Lane nods his head and talks along with him about it, because he's no fan of Nelson's style either.



Smith is back at the TUF house and he's talking about missing his family while being away from them. But, of course, it's motivation to continue doing well and chasing his dream.

That leads us right into Fight Day.

They hammer a storyline that Smith is feeling weird about seeing his opponent so much because they live in the same house. But, you know, it is what it is and they're going to get busy with it anymore.

Wait ... did weigh-ins happen? Did I miss that? These dudes are getting their hands wrapped and doing all the pre-fight stuff.

I guess we're skipping the weigh-ins altogether this week. Weird.


Colton Smith vs. Eddy Ellis (170-pound limit)

Round one: Ellis lands a nice shot coming in right away, no glove touch at all. This leads to a clinch real fast and Smith trying to get a takedown. He trips but Eddy turns his hips. Despite that, Smith drags him down. Ellis pushes off and gets back to his feet but eats a punch once he's there. A takedown attempt from Eddy misses and Colton turns it around and gets one of his own again. They're back on the feet after just a few seconds, though, right back against the fence. Colton's landing punches but Ellis is in the center and pushing in. Now Ellis lands a few solid shots. Ellis with a big shot that drops Colton. He manages to recover quick and survive the follow up. Ellis takes Smith's back and rolls over for an armbar. Smith defends it perfectly, rolling right through it. They go back to the feet and Colton is bleeding from a cut over his eye. He takes another shot and they're just brawling now. Ellis ends up on top in side control with 35 seconds to go in the round. Smith gets back up and they're back to clinching against the cage. Nelson wants a late takedown FTW. It doesn't happen and that's the first. Holy shit.

Round two: Colton puts together a sloppy combination to open the round and then shoots in for a takedown he gets after about 15 seconds. Immediately, he's in half guard and elbowing Ellis. Eddy is rolling around trying to get out but he just ends up in an even worse position, in the middle of the cage with Smith in side control and peppering him with short elbows. Both guys are bleeding from cuts above their eyes. Herb Dean tells them to work, which is bullshit because Smith is working plenty. He's also in a dominant position and he's not just resting in it. Smith landing more and more elbows while Dean keeps saying he needs to work. I truly don't understand these instructions. Very odd. Ellis has now resorted to turning his body in but Smith is smothering him and making it impossible to move. Dean once again with the "you need to work" shit. Knock it off, already. Smith looks like he's setting up for an arm triangle but he lets it go. Oh my god, Dean just stood them up. He literally tells Smith he needs to land big shots trying to end the fight instead of what he was doing. That is a TERRIBLE stand up. Colton lands a big shot once they're standing and Ellis is just trying to get to the horn. He manages to do so and this one HAS to be going to three.

Wait, I guess this isn't going three.

Final result: Colton Smith def. Eddy Ellis via majority decision

It turns out Smith got a 10-8 for that last round and that's how he won. Considering the positional dominance, the damage on the floor with the short elbows and rocking Eddy once they were stood up (unfairly), that's a good score.

Dana White is apparently less than enthused with it. He doesn't like them giving out a 10-8 there, I guess.

That's it for this one.

See you in seven, Maniacs.

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