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UFC lightweight Jeremy Stephens released from police custody, management posts statement

UFC lightweight Jeremy Stephens has been released from police custody and his management team has posted a statement on his website. Find out all the details inside.

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It appears that those of you who bought the "Free Lil Heathen" T-shirts have cause to celebrate.

Just moments ago, UFC lightweight Jeremy Stephens posted on twitter that he was "back," thanking all of his friends and family for their support.

Stephens' management team EvoAgents, posted a statement on his website to coincide with his release from police custody. Here's what they had to say:

Des Moines, Iowa, October 17, 2012- Today, at 3:30pm, Jeremy was released from custody from the Polk County Jail. As you know, Jeremy has spent the last twelve days incarcerated, both in Iowa and Minnesota, missing his October 5 UFC fight against Yves Edwards, as well as many lucrative financial opportunities associated with that bout.

While Jeremy's employer (UFC), his family, friends, and loyal fans have stood behind him, certainly the recent events have garnered some negative media attention.

Jeremy felt it was very important to thank each and every one of those who have stood by his side during this tough time. He wanted everyone to know that despite the negative situation that he's been placed in, he has remained upbeat and positive, reflecting on the opportunities that have been and will be presented to him, reflecting on his family, and his firm believe in his innocence.

Jeremy's legal team is already hard at work to prove what many already know; he is not guilty of the crimes he's been accused of.

We ask that everyone respect Jeremy's privacy throughout this case. Although we are not at liberty to discuss specific details including, but not limit to his pending case, questions can be directed to

In case you have a short memory, Stephens was slated to fight Yves Edwards just 12 days ago at UFC on FX 5 when he was picked up on a warrant for a felony assault charge dating back to an incident that took place last December in his home state of Iowa (you can read the details on the accusations here). The fight was cancelled, Dana went off on a tirade and everyone went back to their lives.

There's no word on the progression of Stephens case as the statement didn't lay out specifics, but we'll just have to find that out as time goes by.

What's your take on the situation, Maniacs?

Both sides present extremely different stories about what happened, who do you believe? Will Stephens ever fight again in the UFC?

Sound off!

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