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Latest Jon Jones injury update: 'Bones' ligament strain will require rehab

Before he fights Chael Sonnen in April, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones will need to rehabilitate the ligament strain in his elbow, which was a direct result of Vitor Belfort's armbar attempt in the UFC 152 main event last month in Toronto.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones got that second look he wanted, but didn't learn anything about his elbow his coach Greg Jackson hadn't already told him the day after UFC 152 in Toronto.

That's where Vitor Belfort nearly snapped "Bones" in half with a first-round armbar.

The champion persevered and eventually came back to win the fight by way of submission, but the damage was already done. That's the bad news. The good news, is that Jones will need rehab -- not surgery -- for what's being called a "ligament strain."

UFC Tonight has the report:

"Jon Jones went to a specialist in Los Angeles last Monday to get another opinion on that injured arm of his and basically the diagnosis is this: he has ligament strain in his elbow, but no surgery needed, no tears. He will need some rehab on the arm he was complaining of soreness, it was bothering him a lot, but he has a lot of time to rehab, but that's the final diagnosis."

Time is certainly on his side.

That's because Jones won't be back inside the Octagon until April 27, 2013, following his coaching stint opposite Chael Sonnen on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17, which begins filming at the end of this month. Find out how that unlikely fight came to be by clicking here.

For more background on Jones' arm injury click here.

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