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Daniel Cormier wants Frank Mir fight on 'stacked' Strikeforce card in Jan. 2013

After a turbulent and disappointing set of circumstances that forced Showtime to pull the plug on Strikeforce events for the remainder of 2012, the promotion's most marketable fighter, Daniel Cormier, is looking for a silver lining in early 2013.

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If you've been following the situation and circumstances surrounding the Strikeforce organization, then you know calling it a train wreck would probably be a kind summary of how the past few months have gone for what was once the number two-ranked mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world.

The short version of the events that have gone down is that a wave of injuries have caused Showtime (Strikeforce's cable television broadcast partner) to cancel both of the remaining Strikeforce events in 2012.

There were even rumors that the promotion would be folding, due, largely in part, to Showtime's dissatisfaction with quality of marketable talent on the roster. However, Showtime was quick to deny those rumors, stating that it would be back in 2013 with a big Strikeforce show that fans could look forward to and embrace.

For now, the promotion lives, but it's "on again, off again" status has been problematic for everyone involved, namely for Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix champion Daniel Cormier, who has been wondering who he's going to fight for months now.

It's not really anyone's fault. No one wanted Frank Mir, Cormier's original opponent, to become injured, but it happened, nonetheless. With that said, it doesn't make it any easier for "DC" to deal with, but he's doing his best to keep finding the silver lining to the rain cloud that hangs over his head.

He tells Inside MMA:

"It's been tough. It's been like a roller coaster, from Frank Mir pulling out to not having an opponent to the show being cancelled. It's been a roller coaster, man. It's gone from initial frustration to taking some time to think about things put everything into perspective. When you do that -- I've come to deal with it and put a positive spin on it. That's kind of my deal. I'm not gonna let anything bring me down. I'm not gonna harp on anything. I'm gonna try and find the positive in it, and eventually something positive is going to come out of this situation."

Remarkably, It wasn't Cormier's bosses who told him that his November fight had been canceled. Instead, Cormier received the news via a phone call from MMA Fighting reporter, Ariel Helwani:

"Yes I did. My son was coming from a doctor's appointment, and I got a phone call from Ariel Helwani from MMA Fighting, looking for a quote, and he goes, 'Have you heard the news?' And I go, 'No. What?' I'm hoping for the best, but kinda the writing was on the wall, and he goes, 'The show's been cancelled.' And I go, 'Unbelievable.' My reactions to his quotes on his website are about as pure as you're gonna get, because it was my initial reaction to it. I had no time to process it or do anything. It was just me getting the news and reacting to it. I think you can sense it in the words that I spoke, the disappointment, anger and frustration. It was very tough to find out that way."

Regardless of who he fights next and when it happens, Cormier's next fight for Strikeforce will be his last. But, the former NCAA Division I wrestler views it as a blessing, not a curse.

He's appreciative of the opportunity that Strikeforce and Showtime have afforded him, and he's looking to end his career with them on a positive note:

"From the very beginning, I beat Josh Barnett, and fans started writing me on Twitter and saying, 'I wish you just go over to the UFC.' This last Strikeforce fight was never a negative to me. It's what I owe to Showtime and that organization for all they've done for me. So, it was never a negative, but now that it's kinda drifting along, drifting along -- I'm ready to get it over with. But, you know, I have one fight, and we've been told that the January card is gonna be stacked. It's gonna be a great card, and it's gonna be a Strikeforce that people remember. There will be big fights, from top to bottom, and I'm really excited to be a part of it."

After Mir was forced to withdrew from the original fight with Cormier, there has been an abundance of chatter over who would replace him. Tim Sylvia, Fabricio Werdum and even Fedor Emelianenko are all names who have been rumored to be the face of the opponent who would stand across the cage from Cormier in his last Strikeforce bout.

However, now that his fight has been pushed back to Jan. 2013, Cormier is hoping that the powers that be can just keep things simple and stick with the original gameplan:

"The January show is happening, so let's not lose interest in Strikeforce. It's a great organization. I don't have an opponent, but with the two-month delay, hopefully Frank Mir's injury has healed up and he'll be ready to go. I haven't been told that I'm fighting for sure, but if they're saying it's a stacked card, I'm hoping I'm one of those guys they look at as a guy you put on that kind of card, and it potentially becomes a little bit better. I'm hoping to be on the January fight card, and I'm hoping to fight Frank Mir. Hopefully, he's healthy, and he's ready to go."

As of this moment, it's still only partially confirmed that Cormier will fighting in January for Strikeforce, though it does seem highly likely. will keep you updated on the situation surrounding Cormier and Strikeforce as news filters in ... stay tuned.

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