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Don Frye: UFC fighters need to be paid more money and should tell Dana White to kiss their ass

Forty-sumthin' fight veteran Don Frye, who started his career under the UFC banner (pre-ZUFFA), doesn't like the way promotion president Dana White does business or how he pays fighters.

"Well, from what I heard is that Henderson got hurt and they were going to throw Sonnen in, but they told Jones he was going to get less money. That's bullshit. I know one guy who's a heavyweight, and he got beat and he wanted to go down to light heavyweight and they said, 'No, we hired you as a heavyweight.' Why turn the tables? It's the same way on both sides of the coin. You change the fighter. You don't reduce a guy's pay. You pay him the same amount of money. It's just Dana White trying to cheat somebody more. The sport has grown and it's a fantastic sport, but the guys need to be paid more money. Obviously, it's none of my business, and they need to man up and step up and demand some money or like Jon, back out. Tell Dana White to kiss their ass and do the show himself. He wants to bitch and throw a fuss like that. Why don't he put the gloves on and get in there."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) pioneer Don Frye talks to MMA Interviews about the UFC 151 cancellation and how he believes mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters don't get paid enough money to put their health and safety on the line inside the cage. This isn't the first time "The Predator" has taken a swipe at White, who allegedly owns 30 Ferraris, just as it probably won't be the first time the Las Vegas fight boss fires back at who he believes is a "bitter crybaby." Whose side you taking in this debate, Maniacs?

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