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Team Death Clutch is no more according to Pat Barry

Once one of the best gyms in the world for heavyweights, Team Death Clutch has closed its doors following the sudden retirements of both of its standout stars Brock Lesnar and Cole Konrad from MMA.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC - Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Well it looks like Cole Konrad caused more than just his Bellator Heavyweight Championship to end when he called it quits earlier this year.

The Team Death Clutch Gym, which had been founded by Brock Lesnar when he transitioned to mixed martial arts (MMA), had been hanging by a thread following Lesnar's retirement last December. Konrad and Pat Barry were the only two heavyweights who were regulars and helping keep it afloat.

But that's not the case any longer.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani for Fuel TV, Barry revealed that the team is no more.

"I up and moved here, brought everything here, to train with a team of nothing but big guys, and now they're all gone. So once again, I'm the biggest guy in the gym. No more Death Clutch; no more big guys. Now I'm full time at the Academy with Greg Nelson in Minneapolis. He's phenomenal, great at everything. I was already a part of the Academy, but I was training with Marty and Cole and now that they're gone, I'm full-time, 100-percent part of the Academy, Greg Nelson's gym in Minneapolis."

Multiple heavyweights have come and gone at Death Clutch throughout the years like Chris Tuchscherer, Jon Madsen, Konrad, Barry, Eric Prindle and more.

With Lesnar doing his thing in the WWE, it didn't seem like there was a need to keep going, but they held on as long as they could.

Are you sad to see Death Clutch go, Maniacs?

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