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Fastest knockout in UFC, Duane Ludwig thrilled to be recognized by Dana White

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After five long years of waiting and pleading, Duane Ludwig has finally received what he felt was his:

Recognition as the true record holder of the fastest knockout in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) history.

On Jan., 16, 2006, at UFC Fight Night 3, "Bang" knocked out Jonathan Goulet 11 seconds into the first round of their welterweight fight. However, it appeared to have been stopped much sooner, with the time keeper seeming to have had a lapse in concentration and not stopping the clock until a few seconds after, prompting the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to record the official time at 11 seconds.

Not much attention was paid to the official time until former UFC heavyweight contender Todd Duffee knocked out Tim Hague at UFC 102 back on Aug., 29, 2009, in a record-breaking seven seconds of the very first round.

A year and a half later on Dec. 10., 2011, at UFC 140, Chan Sung Jung equaled Duffee's efforts as he knocked out stand-up specialist Mark Hominick in seven seconds, too.

After some lobbying from's Ariel Helwani during an interview at UFC 140, UFC President Dana White said, "I'm on it."

A man of his word, White did a little time keeping of his own in one of his UFC 141 video blogs and concluded that Ludwig was indeed the rightful owner of the UFC's fastest knock out, which he timed at 6.26 seconds, enough to best both "The Korean Zombie" and Duffee.

Needles to say, Ludwig was thrilled at the news:

"It was very cool. Definitely a little bit unexpected. It's been about five years. It's definitely cool to have it credited to me finally. That's more than enough because Dana White and the UFC and the fans, they're all my brothers and my family. That means more to me than a government employee in a suit. I'm definitely happy with the UFC stepping in and Dana White being a man of his word. It separates me from everybody past, present and possibly future on the planet Earth. It's definitely cool to stand out from every other human being. It's definitely cool to be known for that because that's some ninja stuff there. Also, the way that it went down, the technical precision, the setup and stepping off to the side -- it wasn't just like I closed my eyes and got a lucky punch. There was some thought process into that."

Though the NSAC won't alter the record books in favor of Ludwig, "Bang" says that as long as Dana White and the UFC brass acknowledge it, that's all that matters to him.

Now the official owner of the record, Ludwig will now set his sights on keeping his win streak alive as he takes on Josh Neer at UFC on FX 1 on Jan., 20, 2012, who is currently riding a five-fight win streak. UFC on FX 1 will take place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn., and will be headlined by an exciting lightweight match up between Melvin Guillard and Jim Miller.

What say you Maniacs, will Ludwig's record ever be broken?

Is it truly his until its recognized by the NSAC?