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Video: Tipsy Dana White says Brock Lesnar can go back to WWE

UFC President Dana White had himself a good, good time in Hollywood recently, where cameras caught up to him to ask a few questions. The Octagon boss admits to being tipsy and having a little too much to drink, which may or may not make his answers more or less reliable, but when asked if Brock Lesnar can go back to WWE White simply said, "Yes."

Initially, White was hesitant to comment on Lesnar's future and whether or not he would be heading back to pro wrestling, simply telling media at the UFC 141 post-fight press conference, "we'll figure it out."

WWE announcer Jim Ross recently said that it's just not happening but rumors have been floating around for no less than a year now that Lesnar has been thinking of making a return, if only for one big match.

From the sounds of it, he's got White's blessing. Or he doesn't and this was just a case of a tipsy Dana having a bit too much to drink right before he started getting hit with questions from all sides.

We shall see.

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