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UFC 143: Georges St. Pierre explains his hatred for 'crazy' Nick Diaz

Photo of Georges St. Pierre courtesy of <a href="">Toronto Sun</a>.
Photo of Georges St. Pierre courtesy of Toronto Sun.

Angry champ is angry.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 170-pound kingpin Georges St. Pierre will be watching the UFC 143 welterweight Interim title fight between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit this weekend with vested interest.

And not just because he fights the winner later this year.

St. Pierre wants Diaz to win -- at any and all costs. That way, he can get payback for the months of torment the outspoken Stockton slugger has put him though since they were originally booked to throw hands at UFC 137 last October.

Hear "Rush" explain his "professional hatred" for Diaz (via after the jump.

"I am very nervous that Carlos Condit will win on Saturday night, and that I won't be able to fight Nick Diaz this summer. I feel bad, it is weird that I want him to lose, but I have never wanted to fight anyone as much as I want to fight Diaz. I don't truly hate him as a person. I don't know that he is a bad guy, but I hate what he brings to the sport with the disrespect and the unprofessional things he says and does. It is sort of a professional hatred. He has been nothing but disrespectful and arrogant towards me. During UFC 137 (week) I felt like I had to walk around Las Vegas with my fists ready (to punch Diaz) because every time I came across him he wanted to fight there and then. Every time the elevator opened (in the hotel) I needed to be ready to fight in case he stepped in. I was on edge all week. This guy is crazy. I am used to hearing (smack) talk from opponents, Matt Serra did it, Dan Hardy did it, and Josh Koscheck did it, but with Diaz he has taken it to another level. He and his coach (Cesar Gracie) have called me a coward and tried to disrespect my accomplishments. All that has done though is make me determined to beat him up. He will bring out the best in me, I will be 100% focused, like a bomb-expert defusing a time bomb. When my back is against the wall and I have no choice but to win, when I cannot lose to this person under any cost, that is when I am most dangerous."

St. Pierre was paired off with Diaz on two separate occasions, but a myriad of shenanigans on the part of the 209 bad boy, coupled with the Canadian's brittle knees, forced both pay-per-view (PPV) headliners to be scrapped in favor of opposite bookings.

Now, with Diaz and Condit set to establish a true division number one contender at the Mandalay Bay Events Center this Saturday night (Feb. 4) for the UFC 143 supershow in Las Vegas, Nevada, St. Pierre can zero in on his next opponent.

But will fighting angry cost him against Diaz? Or not fighting angry enough put him at a disadvantage if he fights "The Natural Born Killer?" There is no question that Nick Diaz is inside GSP's head.

How will it affect him when he finally returns to the Octagon?

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