Breaking news: 'Gladiator Man' released from his Zuffa contract prior to UFC 143


Were you not entertained?

For many years, fight fans have come to know "The Gladiator Man," the now-famous introduction to all Zuffa pay-per-view (PPV) events that has become a staple for the promotion.

No more.

The unnamed warrior has seen his time in combat sports and now he is gone. UFC President Dana White recently announced that UFC 143 will usher in a new era of UFC introductions and the Gladiator Man will no longer be a part of it.

From The Underground:

Tonight, UFC President Dana White revealed exclusively to the Underground that the opening sequence for its PPV broadcast has been redone and the new introduction will be revealed this Saturday for UFC 143. The event will feature Nick Diaz fighting Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight championship in the main event.

The opening sequence, which has shown a Roman gladiator preparing for battle has often been critiqued by fans and although the sequence hasn’t been used by the UFC on its FOX and Fuel TV broadcasts, it had been present as most recent as this past UFC 142.

To quote the UFC President directly: "He’s been cut."

Anybody gonna miss this guy? Or was it time for a change? And does anyone expect him to surface in Bellator once the no-compete clause expires on his contract?

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