Ronda Rousey Taking Balls To The Stomach (Video)

Top Strikeforce 135-pound female fighter Ronda Rousey posts a video of her impact conditioning as she waits on the sidelines for her next fight.

The "Rowdy" one is 4-0 with four armbar finishes and has yet to see any bout go longer than 49 seconds.

While a fight against division champion Miesha Tate is probably the most likely choice for her next appearance, fans and pundits have also been campaigning for a battle against Brazilian "Cyborg" Cristiane Santos.

Says Rousey:

"I'm sorry that I have to say things bluntly and offend some people. I just want there to be a highly marketable, exciting women's title fight, and I want to be part of that because I feel like I could do a really good job, and [Tate] could, too. I think the two of us could do a better job of that than [her] and Sarah Kaufman. I really feel 100-percent that a fight between her and me needs to happen. It'll be great for women's MMA. It'll be the first highly anticipated fight in women's MMA for a long time ... We need to capitalize on the opportunity while we still have it. I don't want to risk her losing the title and us not being able to fight each other for the title."

How about it fight fans, who do you want to see Rousey fight next? Or does it not matter, so long as she keeps releasing training videos such as these?

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