Thiago Silva's suspension has been served, eligible to re-apply for fight license


UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva has served his one year suspension for failing his drug test prior to his win over Brandon Vera at UFC 125 on Jan. 1, 2011.

Silva popped positive for a prescription steroid that his doctor administered via epidural to his back injury that he has suffered with over the last couple years. Silva admitted to the NSAC that he knew he was violating their rules but felt he needed to do so in order to support his family. He was fined $33,750 and suspended for one year.

He has only fought twice in two years due to injury and suspension.

Here is what Thiago told the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) last year.

"I just want to apologize for what I did, I did what I did because my back was very, very bad a couple months (before the fight). I had not fought for one year. I was completely broke. I have a family. People depend on my money. I was desperate to do something. I know what I did is wrong. Like I said, I'm so sorry. I had my reasons. People depend on my money, and I had to give them support."

When reached for comment, NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer informed that Silva's license was revoked, not suspended, and he can now reapply for a 2012 fight license anywhere. In Nevada, though, he will "need to appear on an agenda for a licensure."

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