Hackers release Dana White's personal infomation in response to UFC defiance


Twitter lovers got their popcorn out last night, as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White went back and forth with "Anonymous" hackers in regards to the recent takeover, a response to the promotion's support of the anti-piracy bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP).

From International Business Times:

"All these hackers and all these guys that want to act f*****g cool and think they're f*****g funny, you guys just flipped the switch and believe me I have a lot more information on what's going on than you do," said White. This bill that was looking like it was going to be dead, you may have brought it back to life."

Finally adding: "I'm not afraid of you, you don't f*****g scare me, you come in and do your thing, you don't scare me."

The "Anonymous" retort, led by @JoshtheGod:

"@danawhite won't liek [sic] the #cake he's about to receive. #OpUFC" read one tweet from AnonymousIRC. "Answering @danawhite's challenge today, UFC's site has been hacked - stay tuned, we hear moar [sic] lulz are on the way. #OpUFC" YourAnonNews quickly followed up.

As a result, White's personal information was released to the public, including his home phone number, address, criminal record and social security number.

Have they gone too far?

More background on this story here.

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