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Steven Soderbergh: Haywire is doing 'terrible' (Video)

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Steven Soderbergh, director of the action-thriller Haywire, starring former Strikeforce women's champion Gina Carano, had the misfortune of getting cornered by the bloodhounds from TMZ at the airport baggage terminal.

So, how's Haywire doing at the box office?

"Terrible," he replied. Which in my opinion, worth about as much as the pixels it's printed on, is a damn shame, because Haywire is actually a pretty good movie. I gave it a very positive review prior to its release but it failed to attract viewers to the box office, coming in at number six with just over eight million in its opening weekend.

The other two new releases for the week ending Jan. 22, 2012, were Underworld: "Awakening" ($25.3 million) and Red Tails ($18.7 million), number one and two on the charts, respectively.

Anyone think this KO's Carano's future as a box office leading lady? Or is she destined for Tinseltown regardless of Haywire's success?

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