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ProElite 3 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Grove vs Minowa' TONIGHT (Jan. 21) on HDNet

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ProElite: "Da Spyder vs. Minowaman" poster via <a href=""></a>.
ProElite: "Da Spyder vs. Minowaman" poster via

ProElite returns TONIGHT (Jan. 21, 2012) to the Neil S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, with a middleweight main event featuring an Ultimate Fighter winner and a Japanese fan favorite. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of ProElite 3 below, beginning with the HDNet telecast at 10 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening.

This card will feature a main event between former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season three winner Kendall Grove and perpetual underdog Ikuhisa Minowa, AKA "Minowaman." Grove looked solid in his first fight with ProElite and is hoping to continue a strong run of performances outside the UFC.

Also on the card will be the semifinals of the Pro Elite heavyweight grand prix as Jake Heun takes on undefeated Richard Odoms and Cody Griffin battles Ryan Martinez. Martinez notably handled former NCAA Division I champion Mark Ellis in his quarterfinals of the grand prix.

Lastly, Sara McMann, the first American female Olympic medalist in wrestling, puts her undefeated record on the line against highly ranked former Smackgirl champion Hitomi Akano in what should be her toughest test to date.

Complete ProElite 3 results and play-by-play are after the jump:

Main Card (HDNet)

185 lbs.: Kendall Grove def. Ikuhisa Minowa via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Sara McMann def. Hitomi Akano via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Richard Odoms def. Jake Heun via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:56 of round two
265 lbs.: Ryan Martinez def. Cody Griffin via unanimous decision
215 lbs.: Pat Cummins def. Tasi Edwards via submission (arm triangle) 4:01 of round one
185 lbs.: Brent Schermerhorn def. Kaleo Gambill via knockout at 0:45 of round one

Preliminary Card

145 lbs.: Steven Saito def. Toby Misech via TKO at 1:53 of round one
205 lbs.: Tatsuya Mizuno def. Ilima Maiava via submission (arm triangle) at 1:47 of round two
170 lbs.: Collin Masanas vs. Bryson Kamako via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:07 of round one
170 lbs.: Sean Rush def. Jaymes Schulte via submisison (rear naked choke) at 2:37 of round one
155 lbs.: Ray Cooper def. Kyle Foyle via TKO at 2:07 of round one
135 lbs.: Keli'i Valencia def Zach Close via submission (triangle) at 2:00 of round two
165 lbs.: Sebastian Mariconda def. Dan Ige via submission (armbar) at 1:12 of round one

Hemmi here!

185 lbs.: Kendall Grove vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Round one: Grove comes out slightly cautious in the boxing stance and he backs Minowa up with a right hand. Huge height and reach advantage for Grove and Minow throws a nice right leg kick. Minowa throws a big overhand right that misses and follows up with a right leg kick but eats a right counter from Grove. Grove lands a nice right hand and then misses with a big head kick. Minowa somersaults and almost gets kneed in the face after ducking down. Grove throws a nice kick that lands with a loud "thwack." Grove continues to cut off the cage as Minowa circles away. Minowa drops down for a takedown and gets stuffed but presses Grove into the fence. Minowa throws some knees to Grove's thigh and again works for a single leg takedown. Grove almost loses his balance and Minowa puts him on his back. Grove posts on his left hand and tries to get up but gets denied. Grove now works his guard and rolls, potentially looking for an armbar but gives up on it. Grove is hunting for a Kimura but Minowa defends. Minowa has done absolutely nothing from top position on the ground. 10-9 Grove

Round two: Grove opens aggressively, throwing a head kick. He backs Minowa into the fence and throws a right hand, backing away from a big overhand right from Minowa. Grove throws a front kick to the body and an short inside leg kick. Minowa dives for a leg and falls to his back. Minowa starts butt scooting and Grove backs away. Grove throws a hook way too wildly and Minowa drops down for a takedown but Grove takes top position on the ground. Grove drops a big left hand and some elbows to the body. Grove attempts a D'Arce choke but can't lock it in and Minowa turtles. Grove puts both hooks in and then locks in a body triangle with 90 seconds left. Minowa rolls to his side but it's the opposite side of the ankle so he's not going to break the body triangle. Grove throws some right hands from behind and gives up on the body triangle, switching to getting both hooks. Grove postures up and drops some punches and Minowa survives until the final bell. 10-9 Grove

Round three: Minowa shoots in for a single early but Grove stuffs it and drops some punches from above. Minowa still has both arms locked around Grove's leg and is driving slightly forward but Grove breaks free and takes his back again. Grove puts both hooks in and then transitions to mount. Minowa has a body lock but Grove postures up and throws a right hand. Minowa turns away and Grove uses a body triangle once more on Minowa's back. Grove is hunting for the rear naked choke but can't snake his arm underneath Minowa's neck. Grove tries to soften up Minowa with some left hands. Grove is all over Minowa's back with one minute left and I don't see anything changing here. Minowa sits up along the fence and then tries to stand but he drops back to the canvas. Grove remains plastered to his back until the final bell rings. 10-9 Grove

Final result: Kendall Grove defeats Ikuhisa Minowa via unanimous decision (30-27x3)


135 lbs.: Sara McMann vs. Hitomi Akano

Round one: McMann looks like she wants to stand and trade early, lunging forward with 1-2 combination which connects. McMann shoots in and scores a double leg takedown and Akano attempts a guillotine but is out of position for it. McMann is firmly in side control and drops a pair of left hands and then some repeated right hands to the body as Akano retains half guard. Akano locks McMann up but eats some more punches to the body. Akano now is back in full guard and she brings her legs up, potentially threatening with submissions but she gives up on them and McMann drops a nice right hand. Akano is working some wrist control and throws her legs up, searching for something but she gives up on it and the ref stands them up. Akano throws a body kick and McMann throws a right hand which grazes. McMann attempts a head kick and Akano responds with one of her one. Akano attempts another big kick and McMann gets inside and drops her heavily on her back. McMann passes to mount and they scramble with McMann taking Akano's back. McMann now transitions to mount but Akano survives the position until the bell rings. 10-9 McMann

Round two: McMann quickly scores a takedown and Akano rolls, retaining full guard and lockign down her opponent's wrists. Akano brings her legs up high again, threatening with an armbar but McMann is too strong and forces her to give up on it. Akano again brings her legs up but can't lock in anything. McMann postures up and drops some punches and the ref steps them up. McMann presses forward and blasts Akano with some nice punches, forcing Akano to back up into the fence. They reset and McMann grazes Akano with a head kick. McMann ducks a head kick and again scores a big takedown. Akano looks like she's hunting for a keylock but McMann seems unconcerned and she muscles Akano, working out of the hold. McMann gets poked in the eye and they stand up, Akano closes the distance and McMann again powers her to the ground. Akano throws some nice strikes off her back at the end of the round but I don't know how much damage she did. 10-9 McMann

Round three: McMann again scores a takedown and doesn't do much with it. Akano goes on the offensive from her back, bringing her legs up high and throwing a large volume of strikes off her back. McMann throws some knees to the thigh from her back and McMann finally pops her head free and drops a right hand. McMann buries her head into Akano's torso and the ref stands them up. McMann charges forward with a big flurry and grabs a body lock, lifting Akano into the air and slamming her onto the canvas. Akano works her way to her feet and throws a nice right hand. Akano is active with strikes but McMann again slams her violently to the canvas as time expires.

Final result: Sara McMann defeats Hitomi Akano via unanimous decision (30-27x3)


265 lbs.: Jake Heun vs. Richard Odoms

Round one: Heun opens by blitzing Odoms, lifting him up and slamming him to the canvas. Heun passes to mount and transitions to an armbar but he can't get his leg over Odoms' face and Odoms slips free. Heun turtles and sweeps Odoms, turning into him after rolling and they get back to their feet. Heun presses forward and scores a takedown on Heun, passing to half guard and then again quickly transitions to mount. Heun takes Odoms' back but loses his hooks. Odoms retains his full guard but eats a nice right hand from Heun. Heun passes to side control and pins down an arm, dropping some right hands. Heun rolls for a leg lock and Odoms responds with an attempt of his own. Heun tries to twist free and then eh drops down for a reverse heel hook as both men are leg locking each other simultaneously. They finish the round in a stalemate. 10-9 Heun

Round two: Heun closes the distance and Odoms lands a nice knee to the gut early, stuffing Heun's takedown attempt. Heun attempts a spinning elbow and then transitions to side control after a lateral drop. Heun passes to mount and Odoms is showcasing some major liabilities in his ground game. Heun drops some punches from mount and tries to take Odoms' back but slips off, landing in bottom position. Odoms takes Heun's back and locks in a rear naked choke/neck crank, forcing the tap very quickly. Odoms' hangs onto the submission a bit long as Heun was tapping the air instead of his arm.

Final result: Richard Odoms defeats Jake Heun via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:56 of round two


265 lbs.: Cody Griffin vs. Ryan Martinez

Round one: Both men at a measured pace early and Martinez lands a pair of leg kicks. Both snap jabs and Martinez connects with another big outside leg kick. Griffin snaps a nice jab and Martinez barrels forward unloading with a big combination but Griffin endures and responds with a right counter. Griffin has a cut in the corner of his right eye now and Martinez throws another big body kick. Griffin lunges forward and connects with a jab and Martinez responds with a left hand and another big right leg kick. Martinez again explodes forward with a combination, but he can't overwhelm Griffin. Martinez finishes with a nice inside leg kick. 10-9 Martinez

Round two: Martinez throws a big kick but it lands low. Griffin gets a minute to recover. They reset and Martinez connects with an inside leg kick. Griffin throws an outside leg kick of his own but Martinez fires back with a pair of big right body kicks. Griffin starts showboating but doesn't back his taunts with any action. They are not doing much and Griffin really steps up the trash talk, forcing Martinez to brawl with him a bit and Griffin lands a nice right hand with 30 seconds left in the round. Martinez tries to stay measured and throws a big body kick and Martinez finishes the round with another body kick. That round was pretty ugly. 10-10

Round three: Martinez opens with a nice leg kick but neither man is really engaging here. Griffin charges in and Martinez slips him, swarming with a nice flurry along the fence before backing off. Martinez again goes to work with a leg kick. Martinez again lands a leg kick. Griffin is just sitting back trying to counter and he's not getting any opportunities. Another leg kick lands for Martinez and the crowd is starting to get restless. Martinez hits Griffin on the jaw with a led right hand and Griffin drops his hands to his sides, showboating, but he's not doing anything. Martinez lands another outside leg kick. Martinez connects with a big right hand that stumbles Griffin and then he taunts him back. Martinez backs Griffin up with some leg kicks and both man land some hooks as time expires. That wasn't the most entertaining fight. 10-9 Martinez

Final result: Ryan Martinez defeats Cody Griffin via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


265 lbs.: Tasi Edwards vs. Pat Cummins

Round one: Cummins takes the center and dodges a kick from Edwards. Edwards whiffs with an overhand left and Cummins grabs a single leg, scoring a takedown. Cummins stacks Edwards up on the ground and drops a few right hands as Edwards actively looks for upkicks and kicks to the knee. Cummins again drops some right hands and passes to side control. Edwards throws his legs up but can't secure anything as he eats another right hand. Edwards tries to get to his feet but surrenders his back in the process. Cummins tries to lock in a rear naked choke but he can't lock it in, although he's now in full mount. Cummins drops a few big punches but Edwards slips out the back door as Cummins gets too high up in the mount. Cummins attempts a guillotine choke but can't secure it again, instead dropping a knee to the body. Cummins is all over Edwards and now he's got an arm triangle choke. It looks tight and Edwards taps out.

Final result: Pat Cummins defeats Tasi Edwards via submission (arm triangle) at 4:01 of round one


185 lbs.: Brent Schermerhorn vs. Kaleo Gambill

Round one: Gambill takes control of the center of the cage but Schermerhorn lunges forward and catches him on the jaw, dropping him but Gambill recovers and gets to his feet. Schermerhorn again lunges in with a HUGE left hook which shuts Gambill's lights completely off. That was violent!

Final result: Brent Schermerhorn def. Kaleo Gambill via knockout at 0:45 of round one