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Rampage Jackson on 'King Mo' Lawal's steroids drug test failure: It's just karma

You just knew when Muhammed Lawal failed a drug test for anabolic steroids, someone would seek out his arch nemesis, Quinton Jackson, to get his opinion.

Sure enough, Karyn Bryant took up the cause and got this quote from "Rampage:"

"He talk a big game, he say all this stuff, he's calling people bums and everything and it's just karma. Look at him. He's a very cocky individual. I feel like any fighter that has to use steroids to go in a cage and fight somebody is not a true fighter. Some people have problems, like okay, go to the doctor and get it sorted out. There are some fighters out there who are of age and they're doing the right things to stay healthy and stay competitive but somebody blatantly taking anabolic steroids to get in the cage, it's a sad case. It's a sad case."

What do you think, Maniacs? Agree with Jackson here?

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