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Complete Lorenzo Fertitta interview uncut and unedited from ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' (full video)

Here it is, all 47 minutes of it.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) today (Jan. 12, 2012) released the complete Lorenzo Fertitta interview, uncut and unedited, from ESPN's recent 'Outside the Lines' segment that painted the ZUFFA boss in a negative light concerning the topic of fighter pay.

UFC President Dana White cautioned fans not to accept the ESPN piece at face value because his crew had their own footage that would not only exonerate the promotion's co-owner, but also show audiences just how "dirty" the ESPN reporters were when footage was compared side-by-side.

From his Twitter:

"We are gonna blast these hacks!! I'm excited to smash and discredit ESPN and the piece they did!! So pumped! can't stand the lying 2 faced media fucks!! So glad we did this one right cause ESPN can NOT be trusted. can't stand the lying 2 faced media fucks!!"

Did White accomplish his goal? Judge for yourself in the video above.

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