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Dana White releases unaired footage from ESPN 'Outside The Lines' fighter pay interview (Video)

Photo of UFC President Dana White by Michael Cohen via Getty Images.
Photo of UFC President Dana White by Michael Cohen via Getty Images.
Getty Images

ESPN recently tried to take Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to task for the disparity between ZUFFA profits and fighter salaries in a video interview for its "Outside the Lines" program.

In it, Lorenzo Fertitta answered questions regarding the promotion's perceived "monopoly" and how it put a stranglehold on a fighter's ability to negotiate a contract.

Unfortunately, you only got half the story. Perhaps less.

That's according to UFC President Dana White, who today (Jan. 16, 2012) released unaired footage from the 40-minute video the UFC also filmed to help protect his firm from a negative slant by the "dirty" reporters at ESPN.

"You do a 40-minute interview with a guy and then you do a nine-minute piece with him, and they make it look like all this bad stuff is going on and they don't tell Lorenzo's side of the story when Lorenzo says things. You'll see this thing in its entirety and you'll see ESPN 'Outside the Lines,' E:60, these shows like this, how they do business and what they're like. They're dirty, they lie and they never give you all the facts. This is why I did not participate in this interview."

After the jump, White reveals unaired footage from the Fertitta interview that shows a much different side of the story.

Check it out.

The UFC/ESPN relationship, on shaky ground from the word go, has been further complicated by the promotion's recent long-term broadcast deal with FOX Sports.

Now that mud is officially slinging, can we expect this thing to get worse before it gets better?

Stay tuned to for more on this developing story including the full, 40-minute video of footage the UFC plans on releasing to compare notes.

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