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Dana White is excited to 'smash and discredit' the 'hacks' at ESPN

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If you bluff, prepare to have your bluff called.

That's the message from UFC President Dana White, who took to his official Twitter account on Thursday to let the mixed martial arts (MMA) community know he's ready for the "hack job" ESPN and Josh Gross are set to unleash on him and the rest of the ZUFFA brass regarding fighter pay.

In fact, ESPN E:60 has a video interview with UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, who debates the topic of his promotion as a "monopoly" against current and former fighters like Ken Shamrock.

A preview of that conversation can be found here.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, White claims he has video footage of his own. Raw, unedited footage that will likely paint a much different picture than the one presented by ESPN.

Here's what he said:

Josh (Gross) is a pessimistic scumbag who pitched the story. The beauty is we filmed the interview too. We will air the entire interview as is no edits after ESPN airs theirs! Looking very forward to this :) an attempt by gross and ESPN to do a hack job on us we were ready this time!! We are gonna blast these hacks!! I'm in Rio but my stuff is ready to roll!!! I'm excited to smash and discredit ESPN and the piece they did!! So pumped! can't stand the lying 2 faced media fucks!! So glad we did this one right cause ESPN can NOT be trusted. can't stand the lying 2 faced media fucks!!

Here's a video preview of the interview in question:

The UFC/ESPN relationship, on shaky ground from the word go, has been further complicated by the promotion's recent long-term broadcast deal with FOX Sports.

Can Dana White and his "monopoly" rebuttal win over the jury in the court of public opinion?

Stay tuned.

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