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UFC 136: Dave Herman failed drug tests for marijuana and steroids, denies any wrongdoing

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Just yesterday we learned the Dave Herman vs. Mike Russow fight, which was scheduled to go down at UFC 136 on Oct. 8 in Houston, Texas, was cancelled.

Now we know why.

According to Herman, he was told by the commission in Texas that he failed his pre-fight drug test. I'll let the man himself tell it, as he explained to Clinch Gear Radio:

"I'm still trying to (figure out what happened). I've been making phone calls but they said I failed my drug test. I don't think (this affects my future with the promotion). I've been trying to talk to the Texas commission and everything because I went in to get my drug test and a week later they called me and said they lost my urine specimen and I had to come in and redo it. That was last week. So I went back in that day and today they said I failed. I was like, 'that's impossible.' So... yeah."

It's weird enough that the "Pee" from his "Wee" was misplaced but, believe it or not, it gets worse for the heavyweight veteran.

By the time they found his first sample, his second sample apparently came back and he failed that one, too. Except he failed that one for a different substance.

Again, let's let him relay this madness.

"I went in on Sept. 15 and took the first test and then a week later they e-mailed me and called me and said they lost the sample and I had to come in and do it again. So I went in to do it again that day and then today they just got the results, I guess. But then I called, cause I've been trying to straighten this out, like how did they lose it but then they found it, like, what happened, I don't know. But then Texas said that they never lost it and the first one was for drugs and the second one was for steroids. They didn't say I had it for performance-enhancing drugs, they said I had marijuana. And I don't even smoke."


So, apparently, Herman took a test, was told his sample was lost so he went in and did another one, then was told the first sample actually wasn't lost and came back positive for marijuana while the second sample came back positive for steroids.

Damn ... he's in a tight spot.

Herman is innocent until proven guilty, of course, so we'll have to wait until the full details are made available on this one but let's hear your thoughts on this wacky situation.

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