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Bob Arum fires back at Dana White: 'UFC fighters get paid nothing'

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Tit, meet tat.

Primeval pugilist promoter Bob Arum is coming out swinging after UFC President Dana White flamed him for calling the Zuffa regime a "monopoly." White also said Arum didn't have the brains (or the balls) to get in on the ground floor when MMA was in its infancy and his attacks on the UFC were borne from jealousy.

Arum responds (via Max Boxing):

"I don't know where Dana is coming from, I never said anything bad about him. But Dana has to realize, because of the monopoly the UFC has, they pay their fighters maybe 20-percent of the proceeds that come in on a UFC fight and we pay fighters over 80-percent. So that's the difference, so talk about giving back to the sport, when you pay your talent 20-percent and boxing promoter's like myself and others pay over 80-percent, who's giving back to whom? It's very easy (to make network deals) when his athletes get paid nothing. Our athletes get paid but yeah, we're negotiating now with a major network to do boxing in prime time on the network."

This one is starting to get ugly. More from the "Scumbag Promoter" (Dana's words, not mine) after the jump.

This being a mixed martial arts blog, we already know where your allegiance lies, but can anyone step outside their own bias and side with Arum?

Or is he just a clueless captain of a sinking ship?


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