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Floyd Mayweather vs Larry Merchant interview video after controversial knockout over Victor Ortiz

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Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz last night (Sept. 17) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a hugely controversial finish to the "Star Power" pay-per-view event. Ortiz illegally headbutted Mayweather and after being deducted a point, chose to try to hug "Money" and apologize for his regrettable actions. 

As he was backing away, Mayweather landed a vicious left-right combination that flattened Ortiz and won him the fight. It was all legal and well within the rules but the fans in attendance and millions watching at home felt it to be terribly unsportsmanlike.

To see the knockout to decide for yourself click here.

Larry Merchant, ringside commentator and post-fight interviewer, gave voice to that displeasure when he spoke with Mayweather after the bout. And that's when it got truly bizarre ... and unprofessional.

After the jump is video (via of the explosive exchange between the 34-year-old boxing champion and 80-year-old commentator.

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