Worby Reviews 'Warrior' The Movie

A little different path then what you may have become accustom to reading on, but having seen Warrior this past Sunday evening, and the fact that the movie is based around the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and add to the fact it was full of familiar faces from the fight world, and I figured it was more than acceptable to give out a review for fellow fight fans that may be considering forking out 10-15 dollars to plop their asses down in the sticky floored theater nearest you.

(No I will not spoil the movie).

The movie is based around two brothers that have taken total opposite paths. One a High School teacher with a family and is forced back into the fight business to avoid foreclosure on his house, the other had chose a life of booze and has his reasons for doing so which I won't get into in order to let the movie reveal it to you as it does very well.

Tapout has organized a tournament called "Sparta" in which they have organized an event allowing the 16 best Middleweights from around the World compete if they choose to sign up. Why sign up? Well aside from proving you're the best, the winner gets a five million dollar purse.

The movie does do a rather great job of avoiding too much of the cheesy over the top knockout's etc that one would perhaps expect to see in a fight movie. Which is why this movie worked so well. Now, I'm not going to say there were no moments like this, but the director kept them to a minimum, and it worked very well.

The background stories on the two brothers (Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton) and their father was a perfect display of a family falling apart, and showcased brilliant acting by the father who was played by Nick Nolte. The relationship the three have (or lackthereof) is brought to the light of the big screen in a dramtically realistic manner that certainly draws you the viewer in deeper to the feelings of the characters and their well being.

Familiar faces were around every corner with the likes of Nate Marquardt, Stephen Bonner, Rashad Evans, the Tapout crew, and Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson who has an important fight with one of the brothers and gets some good face time as 'Midnight'. But the man who makes a lasting impression as the most feared striker on the planet is 'Koba' who was based around that of one Fedor Emelianenko. The Russian is a wrecking ball in the movie, and played by none other than a 200lb Kurt Angle. Angle does very well, but doesn't resemble the style of Fedor much, but nonetheless it worked.

If there's ever actually a great fight movie to go see, it's Warrior. Look passed the little cheese it has and you'll enjoy this movie immensely. Good look at the sport and did a relatively decent job in not making it look like a barabaric sport with little to no honor. The fighters acknowledge their opponents in times of victory or defeat, just as the case is in reality. Nice to see this play out on the big screen. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Nick Nolte and/or Tom Hardy get a couple of nominations for their roles.

Definitely worth checking out.

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