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UFC Quick Quote: Pedro Rizzo wants another shot inside the Octagon

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"I still want to fight, I'm ready, I'm still in my prime. I started training with everyone, with Rodrigo, Dos Santos, Bigfoot, Anderson Silva ... we are all training together so I feel we have the best MMA team in the world. I train with these guys every day and I'm in my prime. I lost around 20-pounds and I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm training hard, I really want to fight. My goal? I want to go back to the UFC, I hope I can retire my career there. Jorge, my manager, he is talking with the UFC and trying to put me back there. I have no injuries, psychologically I'm good. I'm 37 so I think I can fight for two or three more years."

Brazilian bomber Pedro Rizzo tells MMA Fighting he's hoping for a return to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) before hanging up the gloves for good. "The Rock" has 14 fights inside the Octagon since his late 90's debut and is actually riding a three-fight win streak, having recently scored a TKO victory over the reanimated corpse of Ken Shamrock. Anyone think the aging striker, who trains with today's top Brazilian fighters, still has the chops to be competitive against the current crop of UFC heavyweights? Or would he quickly discover that a lot has changed in the eight years he's been gone? Thoughts?

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