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Dear Eddie Wineland: Two losses in this sport can really hurt you! Signed, Joseph Benavidez


Joseph Benavidez is confused.

Why? Because his upcoming opponent at UFC on Versus 5, Eddie Wineland, actually decided to accept a fight against him when it was offered to him by the higher ups.

This just one fight removed from his loss to Urijah Faber back in March at the UFC 128: "Shogun vs. Jones" event in New Jersey. Losing two in a row in today's Zuffa run landscape could very well mean the end of the line for the former 135-pound champion.

That's not to say Wineland isn't a talented fighter. But Benavidez is the number two ranked bantamweight in the world for a reason, namely the fact that he's 14-2 in his career.

Those two losses? They both came to Dominick Cruz, the top dog in the division with the gold around his waist to prove it.

As Benavidez explains to, it's admirable that Wineland wants to stay in the title picture but he made a big mistake going after one of the best guys in the division.

"Coming off a loss, you would think you would want to play it safe, and get a tune-up fight or something. I honestly don't know what he was thinking. I guess props to him - he wants to stay in the title mix. You hear all the fighters say they want to fight the best guys out there, and maybe that's something he wants to do, but I just think it was not a good decision. Two losses in this sport can really hurt you."

Wineland was brought in to showcase the skills of the "California Kid" to the UFC audience for the first time ever. But the Portage, Ind., native had different plans, putting up a tough fight and making Faber earn a hard-fought, three-round decision.

The loss snapped Wineland's four-fight win streak, which dated back to Oct. 2009. During the span he scored highlight-reel finishes over Ken Stone (slam) and Will Campuzano (liver punch).

Adding Benavidez to that hitlist this fall would be satisfying on several levels.

But is that something Wineland is talented enough to pull off? Using the infallible logic of MMAth, if he couldn't defeat the number four ranked bantamweight, how will he beat the number two ranked bantamweight?

Or is MMAth ridiculous and Eddie will have Benavidez praying the UFC brings the flyweight division in sooner rather than later?

Sound off, Maniacs.

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