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With bantamweight title shot against Dominick Cruz looming, Demetrious Johnson facing questions of moving to flyweight

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At UFC on Versus 6, Demetrious Johnson will square off agianst Dominick Cruz for the bantamweight championship.

Despite this, the former is still facing questions regarding his admittedly smaller physique and future fight plans, most notably whether or not he's a natural flyweight and if he's planning to drop down once the UFC adds that division to its active roster. caught up with "Mighty Mouse" so he could give his take on the matter:

"You know, people say naturally and like, what's natural, you know? Women waking up every morning and putting makeup on their face, is that natural? I would say natural is something you... it's just natural, it just comes natural. Me cutting like 20 pounds to fight somebody, I don't know that that's called natural. How often do you see people lose weight to compete? A lot of competitions you see that but it goes back and forth. 'Oh he's a natural (flyweight)' just because I'm small but obviously I'm able to compete with the 135ers and they're coming down from 160-pounds and I walk around at maybe, heaviest, 144 or 143. So I'm not going to say I am a natural 125er. I could fight at 135, 125 or 145, it's just I just found my place at 135 as of right now."

With all the success he's having at bantamweight, it would seem silly to think of switching weight classes now but Johnson isn't ruling anything out.

In fact, he had plenty more to say about a possible drop down to 125-pounds once the UFC brings that division into the fold and even brings up the potential of a jump to 145-pounds. All that and a whole lot more from the current number one contender after the jump. Hit up for more videos from the UFC on Versus 6 open workouts today, as well.

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