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Dennis Hallman's short shorts inducted into ESPN's pantheon of Worst Looks in Sports History

Photo via <a href="" target="new">ESPN</a>
Photo via ESPN

Who wears short shorts? Well, "Superman," for one.

No, not the "Man of Steel." I'm talking about Dennis Hallman, who embarrassed and disgusted both his boss, UFC President Dana White, and fight fans the world over when he wore a blue speedo during his fight against Brian Ebersole at UFC 133 on Aug. 6.

In addition to forever living in infamy for his unfortunate choice of cage attire, Hallman has been selected as a member of ESPN Page 2's pantheon of "Worst Looks in Sports History."

The veteran welterweight joins an elite list that includes golfer John Daly's pants, sisters and star tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, former NBA star Dennis Rodman and the original version of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms.

Congratulations, Dennis, you are now immortal.

If you're still wondering exactly what entered into Hallman's brain to make him do such a thing, he answered that very question today. Here's his reasoning:

"I won't say what the bet was about, but I lost a bet to (Len Bentley and Sterling Ford) and losing the bet meant that I got to wear some speedos," Hallman told the MMA Hour. "I thought it was funny. I thought it was embarrassing for me. Obviously, that's why I had to do it. But I didn't think anybody would be cross about it."

Clearly, he thought wrong. The man perhaps the most up in arms about the situation is also the man who has the most power to do something about it, Dana White.

White told anyone who would listen in the aftermath of the "Evans vs. Ortiz 2" event that he was "disgusted" by the speedo and "pissed off" that someone who works for him allowed it to happen.

So upset was Dana, in fact, he even awarded Ebersole a $70,000 bonus for "getting those horrifying shorts off TV as fast as possible."

Oh, and don't expect to ever see anyone inside the Octagon looking skimpy again. The big bossman also made it clear that wearing that little clothing will be unacceptable going forward.

And while Hallman might think that a bit harsh, plenty of fans are surely happy about White's ruling. At least he will no longer be known as just the guy that Matt Hughes can't beat, right?