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UFC Quick Quote: Brian Ebersole wants to fight Matt Serra and to prove he's 'the best of the veterans'

Photo by <a href="" target="new">Tracy Lee </a>for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

"After UFC 127 I kind of asked for Dennis Hallman or Matt Serra because they're veterans (with) big records (and) kind of like Chris Lytle they bring out that samurai spirit in me and I know it would be a good battle of not just athleticism but kind of like a chess match. I saw Matt Serra here tonight, he's looking a bit out of shape, I don't know if he's retired (or) what his story is, but if he's still competing I guess he's kind of the one guy before he retires I would like to compete against him. There's a couple of older guys, I know Renzo (Gracie) just got a contract. I don't know if the UFC would give me Renzo. But right now I know I'm not in line for a title shot and I'm not looking at the top guys so I would like to fight guys that really interest me and those are the veterans. Those are the guys that have stories that I've watched as a fan in this sport. I don't want to fight the Rory MacDonald, who's 21-years-old and (has) two or three fights, I don't know anything about the kid, that doesn't excite me. ... But on this first contract, I'm hoping to finish it out kind of proving I'm one of the best of the veterans here in the UFC."

-- Not only did Brian Ebersole survive his close encounter with Dennis Hallman's manhood last night (Aug. 6, 2011) at UFC 133, he even finished his opponent with an impressive knockout victory from guard in the first round after getting himself in trouble in the early going. As is the norm, after his win "Bad Boy" was asked by who he wanted next. It's an interesting question for a man who is just 30-years-old but has had 63 fights as a professional. He's quickly exiting his prime if he hasn't left it already and he fully understands this fact, enough so to admit he's not even thinking of contesting for the welterweight title somewhere down the line. Instead, he wants to go the Matt Hughes route and set up match-ups that are interesting to him, fights against veterans of the game that will give him something to get up for. Tops on the list is Matt Serra, who was looking rather portly last night and hasn't seen the inside of the Octagon since a unanimous decision loss to Chris Lytle back in Sept. 2010. If not the "Terror" then maybe Renzo Gracie, who recently re-upped with UFC to give it one more go. Of course, he's also been out of action since UFC 112 all the way back in April 2010. Which one sounds good to you, Maniacs? Hear more from Ebersole after the jump.

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