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Chael Sonnen is not going out to fight Brian Stann ...

... because "fight" is just a word. He's going out "to compete against him."

Chael Sonnen recently held court on the set of Fight Day and disappointed many a fight fan that has grown fond of his outspoken personality by continuing his trend of respect towards his upcoming UFC 136 opponent, Brian Stann.

He's so fond of "All American" in fact, that he won't even consider their bout a fight.

"Brian Stann is a great guy. Fight's just a word. I'm not going out to fight Brian Stann, I'm going out to compete with him. I'm going to bring my skills, he'll bring his skills, we'll shake hands and live with the result either way."

This is the kind of hype we can look forward to for the next couple months in the lead-up to their confrontation on Oct. 8 in Houston, Texas, one that will decide the next challenger to the middleweight title.

Speaking of which, all might not be lost with Sonnen and his ability to piss off all the right people. That's because he's still taking potshots at Anderson Silva and his fellow Brazilians.

Not to mention working harder and harder every day to become more of a showman. Video after the jump to illustrate my point.

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