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UFC 133 results: Brian Ebersole vs Dennis Hallman fight review and analysis

Photo by Josh Hedges via <a href="">Getty Images</a>
Photo by Josh Hedges via Getty Images

Two of the most experienced welterweights in MMA took to the cage last night (August 6, 2011) on the main card of UFC 133.

Both fighters had their gimmicks, one more offensive than the other.

Brian Ebersole survived a perilous situation against Dennis Hallman early and then proceeded to obliterate "Superman" after finding out that elbows and hammer fists were his kryptonite.

Find out how it happened and what's next for both men after the jump.

Immediately after the opening bell, Hallman threw a misleading head kick and took Ebersole down despite the "Bad Boy" grabbing the fence. "Superman" stuck to Ebersole's back like glue, attempting a body triangle but it was defended well.

When Ebersole turned towards Hallman's ankle, he was forced to give up on the body triangle and this gave him confidence. Eventually, the UFC 127 "Fight of the Night" winner turned into Hallman, taking top position and dropping some nasty shots from above.

The winner of eight straight continued to rain down big blows, mixing up hammer fists with some wicked elbows that battered Hallman, even throwing feints to confuse him. Finally, a massive right elbow from Ebersole temporarily caused his poorly dressed opponent to go limp as the referee made a perfect stop to the fight.

This was not a day Dennis Hallman will look back on and joke about someday. UFC President Dana White was incredibly angry with his choice to wear a speedo to the cage and there was even a wardrobe malfunction (no you sickos, I'm not linking to it). Despite his recent solid performances inside the Octagon, Hallman may have forced the UFC's hand with his choice of attire as well as his poor response to Ebersole's top position.

For Brian Ebersole, he's got to be very happy. After 62 fights, he finally got his chance to compete in the UFC and he's made the most of it, winning "Fight of the Night" at UFC 127 and taking home the "getting those horrifying shorts off TV as soon as possible" bonus from Dana White last night. 

Despite his ridiculous amount of fights, he's only 30 years old as well and he certainly doesn't look like he's slowing down. Expect to see him tested against someone who's not on the tail end of their career this time around. A fight with the recently reinstated Brian Foster would be a solid choice, as would someone like Claude Patrick or Matt Brown. The ball is in his court now after two very strong performances back-to-back.

So what do you think Maniacs?

Has the "hair-row" grown on you after two very solid wins? Will the UFC give Hallman the boot after his poor choice of attire last night?

Sound off!

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