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Video flashback: Tito Ortiz legendary ground and pound at UFC 32

Immediately, you will notice this video is from all the way back in June 2001 at UFC 32. Why is it relevant today? Good question.

This should serve as a reminder of what Tito Ortiz is capable of. This win, over Elvis Sinosic, was for the inaugural light heavyweight title, renamed from the middleweight title, to represent the 205-pound division. But more to the point, it was a representation of what "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" was all about -- ground and pound.

His method of attack was simple but shockingly effective. What's more, it ages well. This is why it's important for Rashad Evans, his opponent tonight at UFC 133 in Philadelphia, to remember exactly where Ortiz came from, despite his struggles of years late.

There are quite a few fans that believe Tito will leave "The City of Brotherly Love" tonight the victor. Is that how he'll do it? Stay tuned, Maniacs.

In the meantime, enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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