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Highlights from Chael Sonnen's fan Q&A before today's UFC 133 weigh-ins

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You won't find a man much more opinionated than Chael Sonnen.

The former middleweight title challenger is finally making his UFC return this October against Brian Stann after over a year off due to suspension following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva.

He's done more than his fair share to stay in the news, though, calling out Lyoto Machida, Wanderlei Silva and much, much more.

The mouthy ex-realtor took to the stage today (August 5, 2011), before the UFC 133 weigh-ins for nearly an hour to do a fan Q&A and he had plenty of talking points. Sonnen ripped everything from Anderson Silva, fighters pulling out of fights and even Mirko Filipovic.

Some of the best highlights are posted after the jump.

On the middleweight title fight in Brazil between Yushin Okami and Anderson Silva:

Well, I mean, that's a tough sell. We've got to come out and convince the people that Anderson actually has a chance in this one if we want people want to tune in. I've got to go around and be like, "well, Anderson's so good," and watching highlights of him dancing around and kick somebody in the mouth like that's a hard technique. Joe Rogan's going crazy and I'm sitting there at home going, "Jiminy Christmas, change the channel. What is this? Sweet Jesus, it's like a clip out of the nutcracker." Yushin's better than that guy. He's tougher than that guy. He's the last guy to beat Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva never tried to rectify that loss. Anderson Silva cheated that night to get out of the ring because he didn't like the way that fight was going. He did everything he could do to get away from Yushin Okami and now he's stuck with him in his hometown and there's going to be a new champion.

On whether he'd want to fight Yushin for the title or Anderson for the title:

"Well I'm gonna have to fight both of those guys. Yushin and I have fought before. Him and I fought as recently as two days ago. We are definitely gonna meet up again in the Octagon. There's no way around that. I am the UFC champion. That belt is nothing more than a piece of tin when it's around Anderson Silva's waist. I am the People's champion. I am the linear champion and I'm the best damn middleweight to ever live. After Brian Stann and I do business, Dana and I will sit down like we always do. We'll review a whole bunch of Strikeforce contracts. I imagine my paper airplane collection will get a lot bigger if you guys know what I mean and then we'll decide if I will be granting Anderson Silva a shot at my championship."

On steroids in sports:

There's two things you can do. One thing is you can kick them out and throw them away forever, or, you can just open up an all-steroid league and let the games begin. I really don't care either way. Put it in your body, don't put it in your body. One on one, two on one, five on one, I'll make sure they all need 911.

On if he'd like to face the winner of Michael Bisping and Jason Miller and if that would be a step back:

"I don't care about a step back. There's no such thing as a step back. I'm sick of fighters acting like it is. I heard a fighter say, "I am only gonna fight champions and former champions." That was his statement. Who in the blue hell does he think he is? What if Dana White came into work and said, "you know what guys? I'm promoted a lot of big fights and from now on, I'm only gonna promote champions and former champions." The industry would freeze. Who are these guys to pick and choose who they fight? I don't give a damn who gets in there. I'll fight them all, come one, come all. We're having a ball. Bring it on ladies and gentleman. You want some of me? Say my name! Step backwards, what do I care about a step backwards? I'll go all the way backwards. I'll go all the way to the bowels of society. I'll take on Black House (Anderson Silva's gym) if you want me to. I'll go that far backwards."

On talking trash:

"I am a brilliant man and it's something that has plagued me for a long time. I will tell you one thing in my defense. I do often hear that I talk S - H - I - T but at the end of the day, in my entire life, I've never said a four letter word. You won't ever find an interview, printed, written, radio, YouTube. I don't curse and I don't think of myself as a guy that talks trash. I'm not in the business of selling a fight. I'm just not. Zuffa does their job and I just got to walk to the ring and do mine. That's it. I don't do that but I will share my thoughts and every now and then you'll get a guy on the docket that I'll really want to fight with. I think all of you have someone in your office that you'd want to go and get in a fight with. The good news for me is that in my profession, i can. That's it."

On training with Cesar Gracie and what they're team is like: 

Every gym has something where if you leave it, that's what they're known for. The guys at Xtreme Couture they're technicians. They've got some of the best coaches out there, Neil Melanson and Gil and of course Randy's in the room. Every gym has something. If I was to describe the Cesar Gracie team, I would say tough. Those guys are so tough and they work so hard. I never wanted to fight Jake Shields. Jake Shields is such a good friend of mine. I would love to fight Jake Shields. You should have seen the stuff he was doing to me each day. Each day he was doing stuff to me. He worked so hard for that fight and he's so good. Georges St. Pierre's stock raised greatly in my mind after that performance because I had first hand knowledge of how tough and prepare Jake was. The Diaz brothers and there's plenty of guys there that you haven't heard. They're tough. Cesar works them hard. It's very good training.

On people who pull out of fights.

"I'm not one of the types of guys that signs his name on the dotted line and then calls in sick. I'm not one who gives his word to people and they buy a ticket to see him. "Maybe I shows up and maybe I won't." On the other side of that, we've all been sick haven't we? Some days you really can't get into work. What I don't understand is guys calling in sick 30 days in advance. Little Nogueira called in sick on the 4th of July. How do you know you're not gonna feel good on August 6th? Could any of you guys do that? Could any of you pick up the phone, and tell your boss that you're not feeling good and won't be able to come in on September 10th? "I don't feel good. I have a feeling that I'm gonna have some bad chicken the night before and I just wanted to call in and cancel that." What are you talking about? You gave your word, you signed a contract. A man does what he says he'll do at the time he says he'll do it at the price he says he'll do it for and that's the end of it. Everybody talks about, "oh, the UFC, they've been plagued with injuries." The UFC isn't plagued with injuries. They're infected with cowardly Charlatans. When you say you're gonna do something, show up. You know when I'm gonna fight Brian Stann? You wanna know why Brian and I are gonna fight? Because we said we would. That's it. I will not feel good between now and that fight but I guarantee you when my music hits the speakers at 9 o'clock in the east, six in the west, I will make that walk. I guarantee you between now and then Brian Stann will get sick and hurt and he will not pull out. Brian Stann and I are gonna fight for one reason people, because we said we would."

On Mirko Cro Cop:

"That guy has been dropped more times than the ball in Times Square. That guy has hit the ground more times than the 82nd airborne. That guy's fallen down more times than an epileptic's dropped his keys." 

There were plenty more gems dropped, you can watch the replay of the Q&A here.

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