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UFC Quick Quote: Yoshihiro Akiyama can beat Vitor Belfort if he fights like Japan's female soccer team

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"The thing I say about Vitor is, 'What beats speed? Timing.' The guy has a finesse not just in stand-up, but on the ground where his timing is one of the most perfect I've ever seen ... If you're in his guard and your body position is a little off, his hips are so fast that he'll hit that. He just has that feel and he'll just time you and he moves very well. Even with his striking, he has this great little nature about him and it was something he was born with, that talent. Working with him has been awesome because it's his ability. He's got a very big challenge against Akiyama and I think Akiyama will probably be fighting with Japan on his heart after everything they've been through so I really hope that, it's hard for me because I've actually trained Akiyama. He trained with me a few years ago for a few months, maybe four months and I got to feel him as well and work with him. He's a very strong guy, very nice guy, very respectful, great human being. I feel that Akiyama probably has a little too much muscle on his frame. He might get a little tired and that will be exactly, if Vitor doesn't catch him right away, I think towards the end, when Vitor feels him start to slow down, lock up, Vitor will grow mentally and he might overcome and win the fight. I'm pulling for Vitor but if Akiyama's fighting like the Japanese female soccer team, he could come from behind to win too."

Strong words for Vitor Belfort and Yoshihiro Akiyama from Neil Melanson the head ground-fighting instructor at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas, Nevada during his appearance on The Verbal Submission. He should know. Melanson has personally trained with both men for a considerable amount of time in the past few years. Belfort will take on "Sexyama" in the co-main event of UFC 133 in what many expect to be an entertaining slugfest between two powerful strikers. Akiyama is of both Korean and Japanese decent.  Can he pull off a miracle just like his female soccer counterparts?

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