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UFC Quick Quote: UFC 133 is not a movie and Tito Ortiz is not Rocky Balboa

"He can say, ‘this is my Rocky moment and I'm inspired by Rocky' all that he wants to. ‘Rocky' was a movie, man. There ain't going to be a movie or cameras or someone saying, ‘cut, let's do that scene again so Rocky can win.' Tito is not the same fighter he was. To me, in my mind, he lost the whole ‘wow, that's Tito Ortiz.' He's not been very consistent. Sometimes he'll look good. Sometimes he'll look bad. He fell from that level."

-- Yo, Adrian! Tito Ortiz, self-professed "huge Rocky fan," is hoping to emulate the box office brawler and capture the hearts of Philly fight fans  at UFC 133: "Evans vs. Ortiz II" at the Wells Fargo Center on August 6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Standing in his way is former nemesis Rashad Evans, who is coming to "The City of Brotherly Love" to give "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" a reality check (via Las Vegas Sun): this is no feel good movie with a happy ending for the comeback kid. Not only that, but Ortiz simply isn't what he used to be when he was dominating the landscape of MMA. He's just a bit older and just a bit slower. "The Italian Stallion" overcame such limitations but "Suga" will ensure Ortiz doesn't do the same when the two rematch this coming Saturday. Or will he? Is Evans the man to put a halt to the Huntington Beach comeback story? Or will Tito pull off one more miracle? Opinions, please.

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