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Dana White: Fedor Emelianenko's Strikeforce days are done

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That just happened.

After today's UFC 133 pre-fight press conference, Octagon kingpin Dana White fielded media questions in the usual scrum that comes with these festivities. Naturally, the question on the minds of all in attendance was the status of Fedor Emelianenko.

Question heard and the answer is simple: Fedor's days in Strikeforce have officially come to an end.

It's a matter of semantics, really, as his contract had run out following his knockout loss to Dan Henderson just this past Saturday, July 30 outside of Chicago. Some reports are stating Emelianenko has been released but either way, "The Last Emperor," if he is to continue his career, will have to do so under a different umbrella. 

He's not welcome under Zuffa's any longer ... for now, anyway.

That's not all White had to say, however. He also made sure to get in a big shot at the fading heavyweight legend and in a roundabout way, Strikeforce.

Several media outlets are reporting that White's shot involved comparing Fedor to one Kevin Ferguson. Yes, that Kevin Ferguson. 

"Having your promotion carried by Fedor is like having your promotion carried by Kimbo Slice," said White.

Ouch. Fedor, of course, after amassing one of the most impressive career resumes in the history of organized fighting, has gone on a three-fight skid, losing to Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Silva and the previously mentioned Henderson.

That was all the ammunition White apparently needed to give him the big boot and send him back to Mother Russia.

This is in contrast to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker's recent words to The Fight Show, when he said just yesterday that there were still "internal discussions" regarding Fedor and a decision had yet to be made.

Maybe someone should give him a call.

Any reactions to this, Maniacs? Surprised or saw it coming?

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