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UFC Quick Quote: Rashad Evans is not on the Tito Ortiz hype train just yet

Photo via <a href="" target="new">UFC</a>
Photo via UFC

"I'm not on the Tito hype train yet, man. I was excited to see him get that win (over Ryan Bader) because he got to stay in the UFC but at the same time, I'm not like... I'm not buying it, man. He got him with a flash knockdown and then he caught him with the guillotine choke. And I don't want to take nothing away from the dude, I mean that's great that he got the win but at the same time, I don't know how that make you back just because you've got one win in five years."

-- Logic; Rashad Evans has it. That's because "Suga" tells that he's not hopping on the Tito Ortiz hype train just yet. His reasoning is simple, downright commonsensical, even -- "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" is not "back" just because he recorded his first win in five years this past July 2 against Ryan Bader. Was it an impressive victory? There's no doubt about it. "Darth" went into that fight as the number seven ranked light heavyweight in the world. No one can question the legitimacy of Ortiz's triumph. But as far as Evans is concerned, we can all just go ahead and call it for what it is. One win does not a career make and a first round submission doesn't suddenly turn Tito into a title contender in one of the toughest top end divisions in the world. Ortiz will get the chance to prove him wrong this Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia at UFC 133. Will he? Stay tuned. After the jump is much more from Evans, including whether or not he regrets his decision to stay stationary for so long.

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