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Rich Franklin: The only person who can beat Jon Jones is himself

If he can "keep his head straight," Jon Jones will defeat Quinton Jackson at UFC 135 on Sept. 24 in Denver, Colorado. And just about anyone else who crosses his path in the foreseeable future.

That's according to Rich Franklin, who talks about the physical attributes of the lanky light heavyweight champion during a recent Q&A with fight fans:

"I think the only person who can beat Jon Jones at this point in time is himself. He's a young guy, the world is coming at him fast and I think his game is whether or not he can maintain focus. I remember the first time I met Jon in person ... there was a group of fighters and I was walking up to the group and Jon's back was to me. As I walked up to him I was looking at him and thinking 'Who is this heavyweight?' I kept walking around and around and I was like 'Oh my word, he's enormous!' To kind of put things in perspective, he has an 84-inch reach. Tim Sylvia, who is four inches taller than him, has an 80-inch reach. To deal with that kind of reach is insane. I think if he can keep his head straight he'll run that division for awhile."

Franklin, who's dabbled in the 205-pound division to mixed results, at one point expressed his desire to throw hands against "Bones" should the opportunity present itself.

But from the way he speaks in this video, it sounds like he may have had a change of heart:

Any Maniacs out there disagree with "Ace?"

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