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UFC 133: Yoshihiro Akiyama still dealing with tragedy in Japan while preparing for Vitor Belfort fight

Photo via <a href="" target="new">UFC</a>
Photo via UFC

If you live in the United States, it's too easy to forget the tragedy that struck Japan in the form of a massive earthquake and a devastating tsunami is still very much being felt by those that live in the overwhelmed country.

One of those displaced and still feeling the effects of the destruction is Yoshihiro Akiyama, who has been charged with not only putting together the pieces of his home life, but preparing for an extremely dangerous opponent like Vitor Belfort in the process. 

"Sexyama" will battle "The Phenom" this Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, at UFC 133 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When the Japanese judo player does make his way to the cage, he will do so having lost his last two fights, to Chris Leben and Michael Bisping, respectively. As if his home life wasn't in enough turmoil, his professional life has been as well.

In talking about his rocky road to "The City of Brotherly Love," Akiyama makes clear that he's not worried about losing his job, as he's faced much more adversity with what's going on in Japan.

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