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UFC 134: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is a hero and Anderson Silva is the best in the world


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was more powerful than a locomotive with his first round knockout win over Brendan Schaub at UFC 134 this past Aug. 27. 

And it cemented "Minotauro's" status as a superhero.

Speaking of which, Anderson "Superman" Silva performed his usual magic tricks, dazzling sightseers at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro by being faster than a speeding bullet in a playful destruction of Yushin Okami.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's team Black House.

All this according to their fellow countryman Thiago Tavares, who also picked up a win at UFC 134, his over Spencer Fisher. But he had plenty to say about the two most famous Brazilians on the card, Nogueira and Silva, to Tatame in a recent interview:

"Rodrigo is a hero... Anderson is the best in the world, like if he was a sort of magician. We just wait for him to cast the spell. Seeing Nogueira fighting is like watching a Superman or Rocky Balboa movie. Sometimes they start losing, but then defeat the villain in the end. That's Rodrigo. Who wasn't there in UFC Rio missed it. It was awesome. It's part of the history of the sport. I've seen great events in California, England, but UFC Rio was the most exciting event I've ever seen in my life."

It's difficult to disagree with his last statement. UFC President Dana White proclaimed the crowd at the arena the loudest in the history of the promotion.

And they were all there to witness their native heros dominate the rest of the world, as Brazil finished the event with a 6-1 record.

That ain't not bad, folks.

Nogueira's heroics may lead him to a potential number one contender bout after years of troubles, while Silva's win solidified his place amongst the all time greats in the history of the sport.

Up, up and away.

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