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UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir not opposed to fighting Brock Lesnar, but would rather face Alistair Overeem

"If [a third Lesnar fight] works out, it works out. I just want to fight again, it doesn't matter who. [Fighting] Alistair Overeem would be pretty cool if he actually came over. I think he's a great fighter, I think he's done a lot in this sport, his K-1 accomplishments, I think he's an immediate threat. I'd like to test myself against him."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir (via Middle Easy) isn't opposed to a trilogy fight against Brock Lesnar, but if he has a say in the matter, it sounds like he'd rather face former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem. At this time, neither prospective opponent is assigned to the promotion's active roster. Lesnar had another falling out with his intestines and "Demolition Man" is in contractual limbo. We could see one -- if not both of them -- return to action in early 2012. Who gets your vote for Mir's next opponent? Lesnar or Overeem? Or perhaps someone else?

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