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UFC 134 results: If Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had lost, Dana White planned to have 'a discussion' with him about retirement

Photo via <a href="" target="new">UFC</a>
Photo via UFC

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira may have fought off Father Time by defeating Brendan Schaub last night (Aug. 27, 2011) at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but as it turns out, he also may have avoided the unemployment line.

That's because if he had lost to "The Hybrid," UFC President Dana White planned on "having a discussion" with him, no different than the talk he had with the now-retired Chuck Liddell (via Heavy):

"With the whole retirement thing for Big Nog -- what happens is, when you look at a guy throughout his career, and Chuck Liddell went through the same thing; you could hit Chuck Liddell with a baseball bat when he was younger in his career and the guy never got rocked or hurt. And Nogueira was that same way. If you looked back throughout his career how many wars this guy has been in, the Cro Cop fight, all the wars this guy's been in (and) how much punishment he used to take, now he gets hit and he gets hurt a lot easier. That's what you look at in something like that. ... Yes, if he lost, he and I would have been having a discussion."


It's quite the turnaround for Nogueira, who spent the past three years losing twice, to Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez, while having multiple surgeries to correct his faulty knees and hips.

Now, after just one victory, impressive as it was, "Minotauro" is potentially on the verge of a title shot, as White also explained at the post-fight press conference. He said it's not a matter of how many wins "Big Nog" can pile up but rather who it is he can beat.

Anyone think a rematch with Frank Mir is in line as a number one contender bout? Or maybe a fight against a returning Brock Lesnar? Or even a debuting Alistair Overeem? Suddenly, the heavyweight landscape is as interesting as ever. 

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