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UFC 134 results: Rousimar Palhares jumps the gun and nearly loses the fight because of it

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During the first round of UFC 134: "Rio's" first Spike bout, Rousimar Palhares had his opponent Dan Miller hurt and on shaky legs.

After dropping him with his surprisingly crisp striking, the Brazilian landed effective ground and pound that had Miller on the brink but not quite out.

After seemingly no indication from referee Herb Dean, Palhares hopped away from the fallen Miller and ran back to his corner, celebrating. He even hopped up on the cage and soaked in the crowd's adulation. 

The problem was the fight was never stopped.

Herb Dean called time and pulled Palhares from his perch to alert him of the development while a bloody, wobbly Miller waited across the Octagon.

Embarrassing enough, right?

But upon the re-start Miller landed a shot straight to the Brazilian's jaw that sent the submission specialist to the mat. The American would not be able to finish Palhares off, however, and ended up on the short end of the scorecards two and a half rounds later.

The official scorecards were 30-27, 29-27, and 30-25.