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Dana White: Anderson Silva is not under consideration to fight at UFC on FOX debut ...

Photo via <a href="" target="new">UFC</a>
Photo via UFC

... even if he beats Yushin Okami in 13 seconds at UFC 134 this Sat., Aug. 27, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The rumor was that Silva would move on to rematch Dan Henderson were he to come out victorious this weekend and do so without taking much damage, which seemed to be confirmed by Lorenzo Fertitta in a recent interview in which he stated, "I would love to do Silva vs. Dan Henderson. Anderson just needs  to win."

Apparently, Zuffa execs aren't on the same page or that quote was taken out of context because White was adamant today (via MMA Fighting) that Silva will not be fighting at UFC on FOX 1 on Nov. 12:

"It's not true. I saw that rumor too, yesterday I was cruising around on the Internet and saw that, it's not true. If he goes out and wins in 13 seconds, he's not considered for the FOX show. I'm working on (the main event for that show) right now. I can't (talk about it), you know me, I have to get the deal done and I have to know that both guys are going to accept the fight. Plus, saying that, even though I say that (Silva) won't fight on the FOX card, I'm watching what happens this weekend before I decide who's going to fight on FOX."

Well, I guess that settles that.

In typical White fashion, though, he's cryptic about his plans and does say he's going to wait to see how UFC 134 plays out before ultimately making a decision on who will be fighting in the promotion's major network debut in Anaheim, California.

Intrigue. After the jump is more from White, who talks about this weekend's event, the media in Brazil, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's health and plans to return to the country next year.

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