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Lorenzo Fertitta: I would love to do Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson at UFC on FOX

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Photo via UFC

Just last night, reports surfaced that Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson was being targeted as a possible headliner for the UFC on FOX debut special on Nov. 12 in Anaheim, California.

At the time, it seemed to be nothing more than well-connected speculation but the hound dogs at Tatame have tracked down UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta himself to get the scoop on the possible match-up.

His response:

"We don't have a main event set yet, we'll find out probably after this Saturday, these fights in Rio, then we'll set a main event. But it'll be something big. It'll be a big fight. I would love to do (Silva vs. Henderson). Anderson just needs a win."

All this talk will be for naught if Silva loses his upcoming match-up against Yushin Okami at UFC 134 on Saturday night (Aug. 27) in Brazil, of course. But with oddsmakers and pundits alike heavily favoring "The Spider," we could very well be headed for another rematch for the middleweight champion.

What's interesting to note here is that Henderson, the current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, is without a contract for any promotion at this time. He's still a free agent. That seems like nothing more than a formality, though, and recent tweets from "Hendo" seem to indicate as much.

Jay Glazer, an NFL reporter who works for FOX and is a heavy participant behind the scenes with an abundance of fighters, recently tweeted his excitement that the two sports he loves will be on the very same network that he works for.

Henderson quickly responded to him by saying:

"Stoked too, Jay. This could work out well for both of us. Lol." RT @Jay_Glazer: "Still can't believe my 2 sports that I love are both on FOX now. So stoked for Week 1 of NFL and 1st UFC on FOX in Nov!!! #dreamcometrue"

Again, this is all contingent on Silva defeating Okami and doing so without taking any significant damage in the process. The turnaround would be exactly two months and 16 days between fights. Certainly doable but at 36-years-old, Silva isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore.

Were the stars to align just right, the fight would be a rematch of a March 2008 bout that saw "The Spider" wrap up his foe and choke a tap out of him in the second round, becoming just the third man to accomplish such a feat.

"Hendo" won his next three fights and campaigned aggressively for a rematch in the summer of 2009. However, his contract had run out and his asking price was simply too high for the UFC at the time, who let him jump ship to then rival Strikeforce.

"Dangerous" Dan quickly lost his debut fight with the promotion, dropping a five-round decision to the middleweight champion at the time, Jake Shields. This seemed to prove the UFC made the right decision by letting him go.

However, Henderson moved up to light heavyweight immediately after an won that title a year later with a pair of impressive stoppage wins. If that didn't raise his stock enough, he then became the only man to knockout legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.

Now his contract is back up and UFC big wigs appear to be in search of his services for the promotion's hugely important debut effort on FOX ... if Anderson Silva defeats Yushin Okami and remains healthy and ready to go just a couple months later.

That's a lot of "what ifs," Maniacs. Do you like the idea of a rematch between Silva and Henderson? Or do you have a better plan for the main event on FOX?

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